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Another round of JD Cymru Premier fixtures has been consigned to the history books, as we enter into the tenth round of league fixtures.

We take a look at top performers in a range of statistical categories from the latest round of top-flight fixtures.

Stats powered by InStat.



The InStat Index of a player is counted in every match based on the quantitative characteristics of his actions which are specific for every position. These characteristics of his actions play the most important part in forming the Index but apart from them, it is also influenced by Match Level Coefficient (MLC) which takes into consideration the quality of actions made by his partners, opposition players and the player himself. The quality is determined for some actions in the process of analyzing the game in strict compliance with the InStat methodology.

# Player Index
1 Joel Robles (BAL) 318
2 Darren Thomas (CFN) 313
3 Paulo Mendes (ABR) 301
4 Danny Redmond (TNS) 285
5 Wes Baynes (ABR) 284


Chances Created

Chance created - shot on goal that happened after individual actions (e.g. dribble) or key pass, chance created is counted in for 2 players: the one that gave that key pass (if he did) and the one who made a shot.

# Player Chances Created
1 Joel Robles (BAL) 4
2 Eliot Evans (MET) 3
3 Will Evans (MET) 3
4 Henry Jones (BAL) 2
5 Dean Ebbe (TNS) 2


Key Passes

A pass to a partner who is in a goal scoring position (one-on-one situation, empty net, etc.) and a pass to a partner that "cuts off" the whole defensive line of the opponent's team (3 and more players) in the attacking phase.

# Player Key Passes
1 Eliot Evans (MET) 5
2 Jonathan Hood (BTU) 4
3 Marc Williams (ABR) 3
4 Edmilson Pedro Vaz (ABR) 2
5 Henry Jones (BAL) 2


Passes Completed

Number of complted passes made by any given player in the JD Cymru Premier.

# Player Passes
1 Keston Davies (TNS) 68
2 Wes Baynes (ABR) 52
3 Jon Routledge (TNS) 51
4 Ryan Edwards (ABR) 50
5 Matthew Jones (ABR) 46



A tackle is defined as a play in which a player connects with the ball in a ground challenge, successfully taking the ball away from the man in possession.

# Player Tackles
1 Luke Cummings (BTU) 7
2 Luke Cooper (BTU) 7
3 Steve Tomassen (AIR) 6
4 John Disney (CQN) 6
5 Ryan Williams (CFN) 5



Active action of a player possessing the ball, an attempt to pass opponent by using dribbling. When dribbling succeeds, the opponent has unsuccessful tackle registered.

# Player Dribbles
1 Danny Brookwell (CFN) 8
2 Ramirez Howarth (CEF) 5
3 Luke Cummings (BTU) 5
4 Jack Compton (BTU) 4
5 Jonathan Hood (BTU) 4



Recovering the ball after opponent's accurate pass or shot. As opposed to pick up, interception is an active action that interrupts opponent's attack. Interception usually means blocking shots on target or accurate attacking passes.

# Player Interceptions
1 Charlie Corsby (MET) 13
2 Joseph Palmer (AIR) 12
3 Ceri Morgan (CAR) 12
4 Lee Jenkins (ABR) 12
5 Nathan Peate (CEF) 12


Ball Recoveries

Player's actions (interception, picking up, won challenge) endign opponent's ball possession and giving a chance of making quick counter-attack.

# Player Ball Recoveries
1 Noah Edwards (CFN) 23
2 George Horan (CQN) 17
3 Ryan Edwards (ABR) 16
4 Dave Vincent (CAR) 16
5 Shaun Kelly (BAL) 14


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